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My interest in sources of broadband time-energy entangled photons and squeezed light is rooted in my graduate studies 20 years ago. Today, my group generates record-high time-energy entanglement with octave-spanning bandwidth, which indicates a temporal correlation between the photons as short as a single optical cycle. When parametric sources, such as down-conversion (PDC) or four-wave mixing (FWM) are pumped by a narrowband laser and phase matched across a wide bandwidth (>110THz in an ultra-high flux of single bi-photons is produced (up to 10^14 photons/s) with extreme time-energy entanglement (or two-mode squeezing), which is highly attractive for quantum technology, such as high-speed QKD, broadband quantum sensing and photonic quantum computation.
Today, we develop sources based on both PDC and FWM using various configurations: free space (crystal) and guided (fiber), single pass and cavity, spontaneous and stimulated. We focus on sources of single spatial mode, but highly multimode in frequency (or time) but have a. To evaluate the quantum correlation and entanglement of these sources we employ broadband parametric homodyne measurement, as outlined hereon.

Sources of ultra-broadband quantum light: Research

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